180 Markham Rd.

York Condominium Corporation 41


    Guide for Maintenance FYI

    Electricity: Guide for Maintenance


    Owner’s Responsibilities:


    • Outlets
    • Light Fixture / Light Bulbs
    • Fuse Box / Fuses / Mini Breakers


    Condominium’s Responsibilities:


    • To bring electrical power from hydro vault to the fuse box.


    Power Goes Unit in Part of the Unit?


    Fuse is blown. Contract electrician to change the fuse or reset breaker. Do not overload outlets by plugging in to many devices at once.

    Power Goes Unit in Entire Unit?


    Contact YCC #41 Staff.

    Unit is drawing so much electricity is has blown off the main grid. Do not overload outlets by plugging in to many devices at once.

    Require Assistance?


    Contact a licensed Electrician to change outlets, light fixtures or to repair or install fuses / mini breakers.


    Plumbing: Guide for Maintenance


    Owner’s Responsibility

    • Faucets
    • Sinks
    • Toilets
    •  Showers
    • All Pipes After Shut off Valves (This includes kitchen pipes visible under sink, and the pipes to the toilet and shower behind the wall).


    Condominium’s Responsibility

    • To bring the Water to Shut off Valves.
    • Shut off Valves in Bathroom(s) and Kitchen.
    • Mainline and Common Element Pipes




    Toilet or Sink Clogged?

    Sink Not Draining or Backing Up?

    (mainline pipes only)

    Contact Licenced Plumber to Snake Pipes.

    Call YCC #41 Staff.

    Toilet Seal Leaking?

    Contact Licenced Plumber to Changed Toilet Seal.


    Low Water Flow in Taps or Shower Head? No Hot or Cold Water?

    Contact Licenced Plumber to Change Cartridge or Faucet or Replace Galvanized Pipes.


    Heating: Guide for Maintenance



    Owner’s Responsibility


    • Thermostats
    • Heating Zone Valves

    Condominium’s Responsibility


    • Radiator Pipes




    Low or High Heat in Unit / Broken Thermostat?

    Contact a licensed HVAC to                  change thermostat and/or heating zone valve.

    No Heat in Unit?

    Contact YCC #41 Staff.



    Doors / Locks and Windows: Guide for Maintenance



    Owner’s Responsibility


    • Door Locks
    • Interior Doors
    • Broken Windows /Screens*

    Condominium’s Responsibility


    • Unit Front Doors
    • Balcony Wooden Doors
    • Balcony Storm Doors




    Lock is Broken?

    Contact a licensed Locksmith

    Problems with Front Door or Balcony Door

    Contact YCC #41 Staff.


    • Damage done to unit’s single use common elements will be invoiced back to the Owner.


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