180 Markham Rd.

York Condominium Corporation 41


    Holiday Decorations


    To Residents,

    RE: Holiday Decorations

    • Please be reminded that decorations are not allowed on common element property; Wreaths, door mats, signs are not allowed. No portion of a unit required by the declaration to be maintained by the Corporation shall be painted, decorated or otherwise, affected by anyone other than the Corporation. (York Condominium Rule & Regulation #13)


    • Candles are not allowed in the Hallways. Fireworks are not allowed on the Property. No owner shall do anything or permit anything to be done that will increase the risk of fire or the rate of fire insurance on the property of any part thereof (York Condominium Rule & Regulation #26).
    • No natural Christmas Trees are permitted in the building. They are a fire hazard (York Condominium Rule & Regulation #33).
    • In addition, no holiday decorations are permitted to be hung on the window sills, railings and other external parts of the unit (York Condominium Rule & Regulation #12); such decorations could cause damage to person(s) or property should they fall.



    The Board of Directors YCC #41


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