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    Window Replacement Project: What You Need to Know

    Window Replacement Project:

    What You Need to Know


    The Window Replacement Project will begin on April 22, 2024.


    -The entire project will be completed in 2024, in approximately 4 to 6 months.


    -Each unit will be notified three weeks in advance of their installation appointment date.


    -A minimum of two day access to each unit is required. Access up to four days may be needed. Appointments may be delayed and rescheduled due to weather concerns.


    - Preparation of the unit is required. See attached preparation sheet.


    -Owners must provide entry into their unit. Be at home or leave a key with the Office.


    -Residents may remain in the unit during installation of the windows, as long as they are not in the same room.


    -The service elevator will be used by the window installation company throughout the duration of the project; only two elevators will be available for use, as a result longer wait times are to be expected. Residents who are able are asked to use the stairs whenever possible. It is of vital importance that all Residents book the service elevator in advance. Elevators booking will be highly restricted. Booking must be completed a minimum of three week in advance if scheduled Monday - Friday.  Please note, unscheduled deliveries are not permitted and will be turned away.


    -If you require assistance preparing your unit or would like a security guard to be present in your unit during in unit construction please notify YCC #41 office and complete form. Please note, the charges associated with these services are not included in the common element fees and are the Owner’s responsibility.


    The Board of Directors of YCC # 41


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